You’re now liable for council tax on your rental property

You’re aware that the tenant has to pay council tax, but did you know that when a house is empty, it’s now your responsibility.

Until recently, councils would allow a landlord up to 6 months exemption whilst a property was awaiting re-let. Not any more!

Due to cuts in government funding, councils have looked for other ways to boost their budgets. And filthy rich landlords are everybodies favourite whipping boy.

Each council has their own policy – but for many, a landlord is now liable to pay council tax as soon as the house becomes vacant. Some charge 50% of the annual bill, others 100%. So you could be paying 100% on an empty house. Compare this to a house with a single person getting a 25% discount! Madness…

All of which makes it vitally important to reduce the amount of time between a property becoming vacant and re-letting, because not only are you losing rent, your paying the council for the privilege.