Serving the Correct Section 21 Notice..

I used to be a Lawyer, specialising in Landlord and Tenant law. I’ve lost count of the number of possession cases that I’ve had to salvage because of errors made by landlords.

This was because notices seeking possession had been served on the tenant incorrectly. Getting this wrong can add months to the time it takes to get possession – which can cost you thousands of pounds.

The most common problem is caused by the technicalities when working out the correct form to use and the expiry dates.

There are a whole raft of complexities to factor in – By way of example; You have to give extra time to allow for service at weekends and bank holidays, dependent upon when the notice is served.

To get around this, we created a fool proof wizard. It automatically factors things in like bank holidays. It takes 30 seconds to complete and could save you a fortune and avoid unnecessary stress.

You can use it for free here;

Not only will it work out the correct dates for you, it will even send you a completed form with a covering letter to send to your tenant.

Best wishes,

Glenn Ackroyd