Property Mentoring Day

If you weren’t there at last week’s Mentoring Day, you really did miss a jam-packed day that showcased some incredible success stories. If ever there was proof that perseverance pays off it was there on Saturday. SERIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE!

Helen kicked the day off by telling us her news and adventures which included tenants being stuck in houses (!), taking over the lettings world and…

The Grey Elephant Trick! (You had to be there!)

Next our Spanish guests amazed us by being able to offer Spanish villas and apartments for 110% finance, 1% interest rate and a 40 year term! WOW! (If anyone is interested in pursuing this further, contact

Then, as if that wasn’t enough…

Mike from IFX took to the spotlight to explain how his company can offer fixed term contracts of up to 2 years on Foreign Currency Exchange! (Mike is happy to talk to anyone about their individual needs, so contact and she will put the ball in motion).

But where was Matthew, our very own Master Wizard?

He showed up for the afternoon session, ‘fashionably’ late and hoarser than Rod Stewart due to having been at the rugby (for shame on him!). But nothing stops the Main Man and he was soon doing what he does best- sharing invaluable hints and tips.

So what’s next for the 17th October?

Well a number of delegates approached us asking for a refresh on how to ascertain rental demands in an area, how to test advertise and a stacking update.

Would you like us to go with that topic?

Let us know what you think by emailing  and don’t forget to book you place