Look after your Tenants and they’ll look after you…

One of the most common questions we get asked is; Why do our tenants stay for on average 48 months (and rising), when the industry average is 21 months?

It is a good question and very important. If a tenant stays longer, a landlord then reaps considerable benefits such as;

– Fewer tenant find fees
– Fewer renewals, meaning lower repair bills
– Less voids meaning more rent collected.

As landlords ourselves, we know how much an empty property hurts our pocket, so we focus on doing everything we can to keep tenants happy.

We do this in a number of ways. Flexible dates to pay rent, 24/7/365 repair cover and providing them with a dedicated Relationship Manager.

We also have a Tenant section of our website. We use our buying power to secure them the cheapest contents insurance. We also help them when they move in and even advise on matters like re-directing mail, or where the nearest schools and doctors surgeries are located.

Other agents don’t do these things and you have to wonder why. Maybe it’s because they earn a fortune when tenants move out by charging landlords repeat tenant find fees 🙂

We like to put our landlord’s interests first.