Is Renting to Housing Benefits DSS tenants worth the hassle?

Landlords tend to fall into two groups – Those who will rent to DSS tenant (s) – And those who would never contemplate risking their prized asset with what they perceive to be ‘chav’ tenants.

DSS tenants get a bad press – The public perception is that a single mum with lots of kids running riot. My experience is that DSS tenants cause more repair issues, but the public perception is far worse than the reality. I have lots of excellent DSS tenants, but I’ve also had some real horror stories.

The reality is that there is more risk and hassle associated with renting to DSS tenants, but in turn you can get higher rental yields, because the properties can be purchased more cheaply.

If you want to consider renting your house to a DSS tenant, you should make sure that any tenant has a ‘Local Housing Allowance’ entitlement which matches your house in terms of the number of bedrooms. So if you have 3 bed house, you don’t want a tenant who is entitled to a 2 bedroom rate, because the rent will be short.

The good news is that the government has a website which tells you how to work out a tenants weekly LHA entitlement and the amount of rent you’ll receive. All you have to do is enter your postcode.

To find the LHA rates for your area, visit;