How to close tenant prospects – revealed!

I thought I’d share with you how we manage to close so many of our tenant prospects. Our secret lies in understanding the barriers that most agents put in place to put off tenants!

First, they require potential tenants to complete L O N G application forms (or duplicate/triplicate ones if there are multiple applicants) which they must some how get to their offices (only open 9 – 5, and not weekends. Great if you’re working!).

They could of course rely on snail mail…. Then they worry that the application process will take around 7 days when they need to get on with their house moving plans now.

Then letting agents demand large application fees.  Agents are more concerned at the size of this fee than renting the house quickly, because this is where they make their money!

Now you need to understand this from a tenants point of view. They believe that they will pay this fee with the good chance that they will be unsuccessful. Given this fear, is it any wonder why many tenants simply do not want to use letting agents and resort to private ads?

Now, any good sales person will tell you that you that to achieve a successful sale, you need to overcome the customers barriers.

We have a simple 3 step solution;

1. Tenants apply by phone or online. Lines are open 24/7. The application process is therefore instant. Our Property Managers are encouraged to get interested tenants to apply by phone whilst at the viewing.

2. We do not charge any application fees! So a tenant can apply, we’ll credit check them, and if successful they can secure the house. This process is completed within 48 hours!

3. The tenant pays half the first months rent and the house is taken off the market

This means that we get more applicants, more quickly and the landlord rents their house sooner. They also have a larger pool of applicants to choose from.

To improve the process, tenants can use our unique service to book their own viewing times online.