Have you ever needed to evict a tenant?

If you’ve ever had to evict a tenant, you’ll know how tricky this can be.

For example you’re using the Section 8 process, it’s easy for the tenant to dispute the debt and very often you won’t gain possession at all.

We always use the Section 21 procedure. That way, possession is guaranteed – IF the notice is served correctly.

Unfortunately it’s easy to make mistakes with the dates on the Section 21 claim form which will result in the claim for possession being refused by the court.

So that we don’t ever make that mistake, we’ve created an App. We just enter the tenancy start date and a couple of other bits of information and the App does the rest.

If you’d like to use this App, you can do so for free.

Access the Section 21 App here > www.FREEsection21.co.uk

If you want to issue and serve a Section 21 Notice, we’ll also send you a covering letter to accompany it, together with a handy Guide and Checklist to enable you to do it yourself – completely free of charge (some companies and solicitors will charge you well over £100 for this service!).