Financial Difficulty

Served with a Repossession Notice, have Mortgage Arrears  or are at Risk of Losing  your Property? 

Act NOW before it is too late.

Buy Sell Property is able to purchase your property within 28 days and Stop Repossession Orders before they start to affect your credit ratings.   We have the ability to pay mortgage arrears and other outstanding debts that may be tied to your property.   This is even if you owe more on your property than it is worth.

You do not need to worry about tidying up your property for sale as we will buy any property in any condition.

Repossessions can happen quickly and selling your property through traditional methods such as estate agents may take too long.   At Buy Sell Property, we Specialise in helping people Sell Their Homes Fast with our Simple, no cost, home buying service.   We will deal with your lender and anyone else that may be involved whilst ensuring that you remain informed throughout the process.

If you are Facing Repossession or are Unable to Pay Your Mortgage, do something about it.  There is lots of help and information available.   Get in touch before it is too late.

Buy Sell Property is here to help.    Complete our enquiry form today on the right or call me on 07966 871854 for a confidential chat.  Alternatively, email me at and I will be happy to help you and call you right back.

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