EPC Reports Cost Hundreds of Pounds!

Let’s face it. EPC’s are a pain in the backside. Tenant’s don’t read them, they are supposedly to help the planet. So we print out lots of reports to help kill off the Amazonian Rain Forest and feel better about ourselves!

Because the politicians pandering to the green agenda implemented this, all properties listed now have to have the totally irrelevant EPC report (they are apparently good for propping up uneven table legs).

However, getting an EPC causes delays. You have to instruct an EPC provider, who then out-sources it to local agent, who then needs key, has to arrange access,  then to visit and inspect, get home, type up the report, lodge with the EPC register and finally….. to send to the the agent and then…….. To list!

The true cost of EPC’s are not just the report it is the delay waiting to list. This costs £20 per day in lost rent for a £600 pcm property! Imagine a delay of 2 weeks – £280!

Fed up with this madness we make sure that we instruct an EPC as soon as a tenant gives notice – So it’s ready to market straight away.

And you can use this online tool to find out if one has already been done! Because they last 10 years, you can rely on a previous report – Saving you time and money;

No more delays – we’re still working on a way to save the rain forest though.