Beware the latest Letting Agents scam!

You may have seen listings on Rightmove for properties that are “Premium Listings”. These have larger profiles with 3 pictures and tend to stand out from the rest due to a “Premium Listing” banner.

The question we get asked is; ‘Do they work?’

Rightmove’s own research indicates that you’ll receive 21% more enquiries.

I’ve tested this with our properties – and sure enough, switching a property from a standard listing to premium increased the number of people visiting the property listing by over 20%.

Obviously, more enquiries means more viewings and a quicker let.

The cost to agents is typically around £10 per listing. However many will charge the landlord an additional £95 for this service! As this is provided by Rightmove the agent is doing nothing for this!

So be warned the next time an agent tries to sell you this ‘Must have’ service to line their own pockets.

You can be reassured that premium listings are provided by us completely free of charge.