Attention Property Landlords… Who Do You Let Your Properties To?

If you have a portfolio, no doubt some of your properties are better than others.

You might have some that are great properties in great locations, where you can attract high quality tenants. And you might have some “not so great” properties in, let’s say, less desirable areas, where you can’t be quite so choosy. You may have some where a Housing Benefit tenant is your best option – unless you’re prepared to accept a lengthy void period.

You might have some properties where you’d be happy to accept pets if it gets you a good tenant quickly. Whereas you wouldn’t even want a hamster polluting the refined air in your top notch penthouse apartment.

And as for smokers – well, no landlord really wants tenants that smoke, for the simple reason that no-one (not even other smokers!) will want to move in after them. However, what if the tenant smoker paid a rental premium and it’s one of your harder to let properties? Maybe then it’s worth considering.

I offer some of my properties as “Rent Now, Buy Later or Rent to Buy” as it increases my net return by up to 70%. I’ve earmarked these now, so that when they become vacant, they’ll be offered on this basis.

Keeping track of all these preferences, for hundreds of different properties would be a nightmare – without a good system.

Our landlords can select what type of let they prefer, whether pets and/or smokers are allowed and if “Rent to Buy” should be offered. This is done within a secure section of our system, using simple drop-down menus on a per property basis. Any property can be updated at any time.