Act on This Email! Or You May Lose Your Home

Sorry for the alarming subject, but I really thought I should bring this to your attention.

Recently there has been a surge in fraud cases by tenants who sell landlord’s houses and pocket the cash. The swindle is amazingly simple.

A tenant will move into your home with the intention of committing the fraud. They will get fake ID, passports etc. Once in, they search at HM Land Registry to confirm the owners details and then create more fake ID in YOUR name. The house is then marketed and sold with monies disappearing quickly once the sale has completed. Often the first a landlord knows about this is when rent is not paid.

Here’s a report on one of many recent cases;

Now of course you might think that this is rare and wont happen to you. Well, I know 3 landlords personally who’ve suffered this fate. Don’t be the next victim.

The scam works where the landlord does not provide HM Land Registry with up to date contact details. If a sale is going through, land registry will always write to the owner at their current address before making any changes. That is why it is VITAL that you provide up to date address information.

The good news is that you can protect yourself easily and for free! Here’s how;

1. Visit HM Land Registry to review the process for updating your address;
2. Complete a COG1 form and submit with your ID proof – Download >
3. Provide up to 3 addresses including current address, email address or even an address abroad

Does your rented property have your current address or email details recorded? If not, please act on this email now.